Cost of power meters: just a rant

Sorry. I need to rant. I’m calling bovine feces on the cost of power meters. I want one but can’t have one :frowning:
/rant off

Sign: will wash dishes for power meter.


Look at used Stages power meters on eBay. They can be had for 300-400 bucks.


Can’t find the one I need: XT m8000 175m.

Also gen2 has comms problems with wrist worn Garmins which is what I have.

I got my stages from a few months ago and it was around $400. XTR 175. Pretty sure xt was on sale too. Last years models.

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Unfortunately, I can’t fix the pricing issue.
I can say I’ve been using the Stages gen3 on my Sram Gxp MTB. I felt the same way when I was debating the purchase. $100aud off on a sale was enough to push me over line and I’m still really glad I ponied up the cash.
It’s awsome! And it’s carbon bling.

Cost of everything in cycling: just a rant

rant /prettymuchstaysquietmostofthetime


Got my Quarq Riken for 300 on the Facebook market place.

I totally agree. The cost is a high sum. However, once you accept that there are good deals to be had. I bought a Gen3 dual sided Stages around Thanksgiving from Backcountry. I also bought it through Active Junky ( Between Thanksgivng deals at Backcountry and % cash back from active junky I paid $636 for a PM regularly sold at $999. I am STILL stoked about that. Keep an eye out and be patient.

If you’re curious about activejunky shoot me a PM.

Counterpoint: price for power meters has come waaaaaaaay down in just a few years.

You can get a crank based P2Max spider for Sram road for $490 and install it with basic tools.

Price has come down and technology has gotten better and that will only continue.


Related post with lots of details, data and charts on PM pricing history.


+1 for a used quarq. I have owned many power meters, and by far, the quarq has been the most reliable for the money (SRM obviously, but expensive).

Quarq riken’s can be had regular on the cheap on ebay. Super light, crabon bling, ridiculously reliable, really accurate.

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My issue is I need multiple power meters, 1 mtb and 1 road at least. I’m actually looking to sell my road bike to buy a gravel bike but they are even harder to find a power meter for (2x sub-compact).

Powertap p1s is 400$ brand new. I bought it on sale for $350. It’s cheaper than a basic Garmin watch. It has never been cheaper!


Left sided 4iiii? Just Googled one for USA and on sale for $266.


@gbreault I don’t understand how buying a PM for a gravel bike is any different than a road bike. What’s unique about your particular subcompact set up?

There are loads…well, actually there’s every option for 2x subcompact (I am assuming you’re running a 48/32 set up?) since those chainrings have a 110 BCD, just like anyone’s 52/36 or 50/34 common set ups.

I have sets of 46/36 and 50/34 chainrings that I use on my gravel bike (Kona) that I can pair with my Quarq DZero that’s 110 BCD and easily swap from my Canyon. I just had to make a change to the Kona’s bottom bracket so that both bikes were talking the same language.

It took me a long time to bite the bullet being naturally tight when it comes to spending money but now all I’m left with is regret that I didn’t do it years ago.

I got a brand new quarq dzero on the drip think it’s 11 quid a month over 48 months, the interest is well worth it when I think about how much better my training is

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Left side cranks seem to be discounted a lot. I’ve seen Pioneer Ultegra left only under $300. I’ve had mine for a year and it’s been great.

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I had a mail from Stages this week. They had some pretty good deals.
Mine has been rock solid for three years so far.

Xcadey power meter. 5800 175. $270 free shipping.