XCadey - Spider based PM

Looking to buy a PM for my MTB with an SRAM X01 12S drive train.
So far I have not been able to find much in the sub 500$ range new or used.

Came across the XCadey spider based PM for 299: https://xcadey.com/xpower-s/

From what I can see DCRainmaker was not impressed by the crank arm based PM a few years ago. Cannot find a review for the new crop of spider based.

Does anyone have experience with these PMs, or have another sub 500$ recommendation?

maybe this will help :slight_smile:
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You get what you pay for when it comes to PMs. I would go with a well known reliable brand every day of the week.

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yep.that’s right.
I’m waiting for my quarq xx1 PM :slight_smile:

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I have one, it’s my first PM. I don’t have any problems with it. It seems to give repeatable numbers, no sudden drops or spikes. Since this is the only PM I have, I’m more concerned with precision than absolute accuracy

If nothing else if helped me confirm that with regard to virtual power my dumb trainer is all kinds of FUBAR.


Hey bro, hi from Honduras

can you post photos and link where did you get?

Let us know how do you calibrate it

I am trying to get one for my bb86, and shimano qfactor


Thanks for the feedback!
What “dumb” trainer do you have, and how do you know which one of them is giving the most precise repeatable measurement?

I think he’s saying that the numbers his dumb trainer was estimating was nowhere inline with what the XCadey was reporting. I don’t think any dumb trainer is going to give you a reliable power measurement economically - the closer you get, the closer you just have a stationary power meter.

Kurt Kinetic InRide sensor is pretty damn close, fwiw.

Fair enough.
I do think there are exceptions however. Like the KK w/ inride was very stable and accurate per DCRainmaker’s review. So if that is his dumb trainer, I would be skeptical of the PM in this case.

Bro, can you post your photos?

How it’s working?

  1. I have the Xcadey app downloaded, you connect to the PM through Bluetooth and then update firmware and calibrate from it. It also reads the output from the PM, so you can confirm that the app and TR app read the same. I have a Lezyne gps that at least potentially can calibrate the PM.

  2. I purchased it through anrancee on Aliexpress, something like $275 US.

  1. As for the trainer, the short story is I changed the fluid and now it gets much harder to pedal as the fluid heats up or the fluid is put under increased shear stress (i.e. the impeller spins faster). I confirmed this on a ramp test when I got the power meter. Once I began the test, I would actually pedal slower for several steps to match the power before shifting gears.

As a secondary test, I used the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine my wife’s bike is normally on and was able to produce stable power that matched my HR and RPE. Therefore the trainer I was using is useless for virtual power. As for why her bike os on the KKRM and mine isn’t. Let’s just say I prefer to be frustrated with my trainer and have a happy wife vs. the other way around. That was the cause of me messing around with the fluid in the first trainer to start with.

As for how the PM is working, seems fine to me. Since I don’t have another PM to compare to, I’m blissfully ignorant. I’m in the process of aligning my RPE, and heart rate with the numbers the PM is reporting.

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I had the Xcadey and it was amazing! I used the crank based power meter and I didn’t have any issues with it except some dropouts. The dropouts were due to the -ve terminal losing the touch with the battery. It can be fixed by flexing that -ve thing. I am not sure what the exact terminology is.

I don’t have this power meter anymore as I sold my previous road bike and got a vector 3s(pedal-based) for my new bike. I got the vector 3s as I also have a mountain bike and I sometimes take that to the trail.

Thanks for the photos, how work the calibration? It’s need for each ride ?

Thanks, man.

How many years do you use, work fine to wash the bike?

IQ2 seems to be shipping soon, their single sided MTB pedal is <300. DCRs first Review was promising, biggest downside appears to be the waiting list.

I used it for almost a year. And yes, you should be able to wash the bike with that. I also rode in rain and had no issues with the pm

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Thanks bro, the magiczero calibration work too? Or each ride it’s necessary calibration?


Well, to be honest I was at time new to power based training. Before getting the xcadey crank I had a tacx flux smart trainer and I was just riding on zwift. I never cared about calibration or spin downs until I got my vector 3s. It took me a while to realize that power numbers can be inflated or deflated over time so calibration is necessary.

I remember almost 2 years ago when I was riding on zwift with xcadey as my power source and I noticed that my power readings were 20-30W higher than what it used to be. I just didn’t care about it as I didn’t want to get serious with my training. Now with my vector 3s I make sure to calibrate before starting every ride and make sure the torque is close to 0.0 which removes any residual torque.

One more important thing I forgot to tell you. I had a difficult time interacting with their support team due to their limited English proficiency(they are based in China).

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I don’t think I can do powermeter pedals on my enduro bike. I get rock strikes to my pedals on a weekly basis, and not sure if any of the PM pedals would survive that