Avio PowerSense Power meter


I am looking at the Power sense power meter by Avio, Obviously the price of £149 is attractive.
Some people are reporting problems with reliability most of these reviews are about 2 years old though. I wanted to ask about the state of the reliability in 2021 before I pull the trigger.

Anyone got any recent experience? If bad, any other alternatives in this price range?

I am on a campy groupset so crank based power meters tend to be a few £100’s more that Shimano ones…

I have one on my singlespeed MTB. It has been spot on, no spikes, no dodgy reports, everything tracks where I would expect.

I have not checked it against any other power emasurement so can’t compare accuracy but it seems fine!

Thanks, how long have you been using it for?

About 2 years :slight_smile:

Oh wow, thanks for the input

I bought one last year. Or tried to…
Shitty experience from start to finish, figuring out how to send it to them. (their own instructions were incorrect)
Finally got my crank back from the factory install 2,5 months after paying.
It never worked!
Then fought them for another month or two to get my money back as they never offered to replace.
Never got a reply from them using email or DM on various social media unless writing negative comments publicly on their FB page which would prompt a “can you send us a private message” every time.

Now I have an extra piece of plastic on my left crank and Favero Assioma pedals. :roll_eyes:

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Pretty much the same experience @JonasP - utter horror show.

I sent my carbon Sram Force crank arm to them for fitting. Constant issues with either 0 readings or crazy high readings. As well as power black outs and 0 readings over above 75 rpm cadence.

Avio said they would take a look at it. I sent it back, they took several weeks to return, although they said they would prioritise. They told me the calibration was out so only recalibrated the unit. Exactly the same issues were present on its return.

I have sent several emails, private Facebook messages and public Facebook messages. All have been completely ignored.

From my personal experience - terrible product, terrible customer service, terrible company all round. Avoid !


Its a pity Shay has left. At first my shop fitted PM didn’t read at all. Shay picked that up fast and recalibrated the unit and got it back to me within a week. I had similar issues with the recalibrated unit to you though. It was was wildly affected by temperature. A strong cold wind would see it drop out and when it warmed up it was reading superman. Shay quickly picked it up again and did a fresh install and got it back to me within a week. The unit was great for about 6months until the start of this wee c thing when the seal started to go. I was expecting the same quick turn around from Shay but it took ages for the company to respond and dispatch the new seals (by which time I had given up and bought a new 4iii). I later found out Shay has moved on. I’m hoping that the lack of service was exasperated by this wee c thing and it works out for them and the power meter market benefits from a cheaper alternative. I think as you and other folk have said on non shimano cranks its no where near :-/ and DC Rainmaker was right it feels like a beta product at the moment.