Sigeyi Power meter?

Any further news on these?

I dont see a Shimano road compatible one on their website?

I reached out to them because I am considering this PM and asked if they updated firmware to fix the offset re-calibration issue. Here is the response I got

"Thank you for your inquiry.
There may be some misunderstanding. We have fixed the bug you mentioned in v3. 0 several months ago. Please don’t worry about this. "

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out of curiosity.: what’s your guys (planned) setup? I mean in terms of axle and cranks and so on?

XX1 Eagle Cranks, DUB BB, Boost. Will need to get a direct mount chainring for this PM.

Really curious if there is some more data on these units. Looks like a great low budget option for many different MTB cranks, and dual sided as a bonus :slight_smile:

Their firmware updates are still sorting issues. Sprints were clipping, sorted recently. That introduced a 90 second drop out issue, they sorted that next. Cadence reporting is still very jagged.

The data from it appears to be pretty good… for the most part.


Just a comment on customer service here. I ordered an Xcadey unit from a Aliexpress seller (i’ll have to check which one). Took for ever to get here due to COVID. This is on my trainer and working perfectly and tracking well for my uses.

I just ordered a Shimano m9100/8100 version for my new MTB directly from the Xcadey website. It shipped out right away and was 14 days to the US. They unffortunately sent a SRAM 3 Bolt version instead. They immediately responded on Facebook messenger to my chat, said they would send me a new one, asked me to send the wrong one back, and are reimbursing me the shipping cost. No questions, no pushing them for this outcome. I was very impressed with the service. If you’re looking at an Xcadey I recommend buying direct from their webshop.

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It seems that for RF Next SL cranks that will be coming with me next bike there are not many options to add powermeter. So I am really interested in the development of both XCadey and Sigeyi spider versions that I am considering. Looking forward for some GPLama’s conclusions in this topic :wink:

Hey, I have a RF Cinch power meter spindle that I just removed which I’m going to sell. DM me if you’re interested.

Okay. Follow up. I received the XCADEY power meter spider for XTR m9100/9120, etc. cranks. Pics below.

I needed to do slight filing of the wider notched area for the splines on the spider. I chalk this up to the fact that they screwed up and sent me the wrong spider originally so they may have sent me a blemished one. Either way it was no problem at all.

Everything installed perfectly fine, paired up immediately to the app and my wahoo bolt, updated the firmware, zero calibrated, and did my first ride last night. Power numbers seemed right on to me. This is the second one I have, SRAM 3 bolt road is other one, and I’ve had no issues so far.

Frankly this is better customer service than I get from US based companies. I thought I had an install problem so I used facebook messenger to ask. They replied in seconds asking me to send some photos. I figured it out and it was just me being cautious tightening the lock ring, but I’ve been really impressed by the immediate responses this whole time. Definitely order from their website directly and expect about 14 days’ish to the US.

Happy to answer any other questions but I’m impressed so far at this price point.


Seems like I can’t send any messages, probably due to being too new here.

Just wondering why haven’t you put Next SL with powermeter on the new bike? By having XTR with spider PM you are now almost 200g heavier, with only advantage, measuring real total power (and not just doubling power of left leg as on the Cinch PM).

I would probably only consider Cinch PM when it is for not more than XCadey :wink:

Hey. The cinch is a 30mm spindle and I have it on a pf92 bb which is a compromise on bearing diameter. It works with the correct bearings but they don’t last very long. The other issue is I have now had 3 race face/Easton cranks start knocking and become loose at the cranks spindle insert. They have warrantied all of them but I got fed up with having no bike while it was getting evaluated for warranty so… I’m selling the spindle and the brand new crank when I get the warranty replacement.

The cinch is about $509 if you can find a 10% off deal. I’d sell mine for $275 which is same price’ish as XCADEY. Not sure if this is kosher but email is if interested. It’ll be going up on eBay early next week too.

I bought the AXO from Sigeyi. One issue, the TR iphone app is not reading cadence. I’ve deleted/re-installed the phone app. AXO firmwear is current. The Sigeyi app reads cadence, as does the iphone wahoo app. My garmin 530 picks up cadence, so does my ant+ laptop when running TR. Based on all this, I have to believe it’s something with the TR phone app? Am I overlooking a setting? Any help is greatly appreciated! (Other than this cadence issue, the axo seems like a solid unit.) TU!

I just got one. I’ll see how it works but, I installed it on dub cranks(sb+). I installed it on an old crank first to see if it fit ok. Last night, I put it on my actual bike.

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I took it off those cranks and installed it on my actual bike. Here’s what it looks like.

I can’t seem to select a new firmware. Maybe it is at the latest one.

I seem to recall 3.7something being the current version based from a MTBR forum post. That was the one that fixed a lot of their issues.

I’ve just ordered one. Keen to hear how yours goes. Have you done any comparison testing yet?