Sigeyi Power meter?

Wanting to bring power to my new mountain bike ( No power on the MTB bike, but I have it on the road bike) I saw these Sigeyi AXO spider-based power meters on aliexpress. I found a forum post on weight weenies but nothing concrete. Does anyone have experience with this brand of power meter?

a friend is using it since nov. pro rider in my country. i can ask him but he might be biased.

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That would be great! Any input would be appreciated. I have seen them on sale in the $200 range, so they are very appealing

wow 200 $ is less than half of the next cheapest competitor. No idea if they work or not (I’ve never heard of them before), but if it is too good to be true, it usually is :sweat_smile:

Let me clarify, when I say $200 range, the lowest I have seen them is $285, Still in the $200 range, but closer to $300. But I agree. It is relatively cheap. I bought my single sided 4iiii power meter back in October 2016 and it was only $299 and it came with a free heart rate strap. So three years later I expected some kind of reduced price in the spider based models. My 4iiii power meter is still going strong with no issues after all these years.

ah I see. That’s a little bit closer to “realistic”. Still I personally would not trust a piece of tech that never made it’s way through any kinda of testing a la DCrainmaker or so.
If you are looking for a cheap spider based powermeter, sometimes you can be lucky and grab something like a few year old power2max somewhere on sale.

Othewise you can still pray that IQsquared get there #$@& together at some point :joy:

I asked Shane Miller aka GPLama if he would test these power meters and he said if received one, he would put it through his rigorous testing process. I should email sigeyi and let them know if they sent him one and it was what they claimed, their business would be boosted on that alone.

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Right. And I wouldn’t be a power meter until I have seen some serious testing by the likes of DC Rainmaker or GPLama. There seem to be a lot of ‘new’ companies out there making a lot of claims, but the reality is that those systems just don’t live up to their marketing.

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Guy got hurt so hasn’t been able to test them but it shows the details. Gplama tested a xcadey I think and had good numbers. I’ve been eyeing the sigeyi as well but don’t have a crank that they fit and don’t feel like swapping cranks right now.

I emailed Sigeyi to send Shane Miller a unit to test. Lets see how they respond.
I asked Joe W. who runs the China Cycling channel earlier this month if he has tried the Sigeyi brand and he said he his list of things to review is currently too long, but he wants to in the future. So it seems I am not the only one interested. Hopefully we get a current user on here!

Typically a power meter you haven’t heard of and is really cheap… gives the kind of data you’d expect. And you’ll typically get the user support you’d expect, if any at all.

The materials to make a power meter are relatively cheap. Making one that works and staffing a company to support it isn’t cheap.

IQSquared was an indication that people really REALLY want cheap power meters. Even when they don’t exist they’ll spend money on them.

There’s a LOT of proven power meters on the market you can buy with confidence.

If one of these comes across my desk, I’ll put it though my testing protocol and let the data speak for itself.


Hey Shane! I am surprised to see you post! But also excited. I reached out to them and I got an email back. They should be reaching out to you sometime. Hopefully anyway!

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Have you heard from your friend using this power meter?

hey! sorry for the delay. i spoke to him over Instagram.

Did not get a lot of information from him.

Basically, he shared that it has been giving him consistent readings when compared to his 4iii. The app is not on google or apple store and its used for the updates. So far he has only updated it once. The spider is a power and cadence sensor. He used it paired to his Garmin and he showed me a photo. Battery life has been very good and matches what the manufacturer’s claims.

That is good to hear! Reliability and data consistency is important. I ordered the spider 104 boost from aliexpress not too long ago, so I will have something to post once I get it. I was able to download the SIGEYI app from the google play store no problem in anticipation of getting the power meter. I need to figure out a way to test the reading against one of my other power meters.

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I got the power meter and installed it. It came well packaged and padded. It weighed in at 84 grams. It came at 90% charge, I had the app downloaded and while it was charging I downloaded the latest firmware to the power meter. I took it for a 2.5 hour ride and all the reading felt as they should. A few years of riding trainerroad indoor power has given me a good sense of what I can do. I had one weird spike of 2000+ Watts. But that was it. I need to figure out a way to compare it to something more concrete besides feel. But so far I am very happy.


Very early indoor Sigeyi data is in from the Lama Lab… it looks good. Very good. I’ll take it outside in the next few days and see how it goes in the real world.


Oh wow!! That’s awesome!! Are you going to make a video about this one? I have mine installed on a mountain bike and I get power spikes occasionally on rough trails. I would be interested in seeing if you get similar results.

Hi, any more updates on this… looks promising.
Do they only show power, cadence and L/R split?
No phasing or other dynamics (comparing to the vectors on my road bike)

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Still a work in progress. The unit is losing/changing/borking offset every now and then outside. They’ve been flicking me firmware updates that haven’t nailed it yet. I’d remain in a holding pattern on these for now. It’s really close to being good.