Sick and off the bike for 2 weeks...can I jump back in?

I got a nasty sinus infection and had some fatigue issues over the last 2 weeks. I’m feeling better but the energy isn’t there yet. If we were talking about a training plan, I’d expect folks to advise to take it easy for a few days or maybe hop back a few weeks in the plan (right?)

I’m signed up for a 60 mile charity ride this weekend and the weather looks good. It would be a shame not to ride, but I don’t know how to guage whether or not it’s a good idea. It won’t be a super fast pace and I’ve done longer rides this year.

With work commitments and it getting dark earlier now, I can’t really squeeze in a longer ride in the next few days to see how I feel.

I have a Garmin watch with the body battery functionality (sort of like a whoop) and my numbers have been terrible likely due to the fatigue. My resting heart rate has been higher too. I’m glad this isn’t an A event coming up.

Any advice would be most welcome!!

Personally, I’d start it and ride until you can’t. It’s for charity and not a race :slight_smile:


I always restart with some easy 60-90 minute rides. Riding usually returns to normal after a week or two or three.


It’s the King Challenge up in NH. It would be super cool to meet Ted King but I don’t want to be the guy who falls over after 10 miles :crazy_face::grimacing::rofl:

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It’s not a race until it’s race, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

If your body is not telling you “omg, no biking today!”, take it easy (for real) and enjoy the day (going to be good for motivation, if nothing else). If you have the chance to take a “shorter” route, then I’d advise you do that. Give yourself plenty of time to recover and absorb after the event

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I’d want to do the ride but I would start off cautious and see how I feel as I go on. I’ve felt terrible in the past pre a ride but always felt better having done it. For a few weeks after it would always irk me more anyway if I hadn’t ridden.


like everyone else, I’d do it. It won’t be “fast,” and you know that already. It won’t even be a hard effort. I would do a social ride, with people that you don’t normally ride with.

For the plan, I always restart with Z2 work, because it’s going to suck for a while.

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I appreciate all the tips everyone…I’m going to give it a shot. It may not be pretty but FOMO is real!



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