Show me your sourdough game!

Drifting ever so slightly from the sourdough theme - I’ve been working my pita game. Fresh bread in five minutes for an instant, warm carb hit that pairs with anything. This one was stove top but I’ve been getting more consistent results with pizza stone in the oven.


Is it just the angle or is that a very large pan? I have a 12" cast iron comal that I use for my pita/tortillas, but I would like to have a larger flattop style if I could get it.

Been loving this recipe lately- and planning to make again for Thanksgiving next week. I replace about 1/4 of the cranberries with walnuts. You don’t get much oven spring due to the shear amount of berries and nuts but man is it tasty: Demo Slot Pragmatic Play - Slot Demo Gacor Hari ini | Daftar Slot Online

Trevor doesn’t really update his website any more but I’ve found it really helpful.

I bake most every weekend- usually pausing a TR workout to run upstairs and mix or fold :joy:


Just the angle. I’d guess 10 inches diameter.