is an eye opener. Structure or keep doing own thing?

One of the guys here @kingsolom0n recommended that site to see weekly time in zone. Had a feeling I was doing a lot of sweet spot since I took up riding again in the summer (almost all been outdoors due to moving to good cycling area to WFH during lockdown).

I’m usually cooped up in a city flat in areas that just aren’t that nice to ride outdoors. Aggressive traffic or needing to ride an hour out to get to good spot. So training to me had always been indoors on the trainer. Quit during 2019 after a relocation to an area I just didn’t like riding in.

Small story over. Anyway I’ve been interested in volume and seeing how far I can push it. Never had this opportunity before. I could probably even ride 3 to 4 hours a day now in theory, if they body could handle it. has me thinking though. Are the wheels going to fall off at some stage. Typically I’m accustomed to running that too much time around threshold means burnout, but if you look at the last 6 months on it, it looks like that hasn’t happened.

Would you keep going and adding volume and just riding as you feel, like I’ve been doing so far (just riding for fun). Or would you switch to a POL plan and start using some self control (sounds less fun).

Don’t want to burnout but happy to experiment. Also wouldn’t mind making best use of this time to see if I can maybe hit some new FTP levels previously out of reach, maybe due to lack of volume.

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