Am I Improving?

I’m the definition of a below average cyclist :grinning:
I know an increase in FTP means I’m getting better. Is it possible to analyse my training rides on Trainerroad and get a graph showing fitness improvement over time? I only ever ride indoors and always use a HRM.
Thanks for the help

I don’t think TR provides that. People around here use either Training Peaks or

Training Peaks is paid service (to see what you probably want). is not forced paid yet (although I could see them doing it in the future).

Thanks Joel
So do any of these you mentioned link directly to TR and import rides and then show the graphs?

Intervals ICU links to strava. If you have a strava account, trainerroad can link to that and your workouts will upload to intervals icu.

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Can also use Dropbox if you’ve linked Wahoo/TrainerRoad if you’re not a Strava user.

Awesome. Thanks mpassino
I’ve signed up and it’s imported my Strava rides that are linked to TR.
Is there a, guide on how to interpret /use the data?
Sorry but I’m clueless at this.

No guide per se, but there is a good forum for it, plus I know that the dev in question is active here too.

If you go to the ‘About’ tab in the menu there is a rundown of the features but it’s not really a walk through of how to use them. If you go to the forum and search something there are sometimes more detailed instructions. But it is just one guy doing all of the development so I think he’s prioritized feature creation over documentation for the most part.

Linked my Strava


Best of luck in the crazy fitness journey! Welcome aboard!

Yes use Personal Records:

You can setup seasons or multi-year time periods.

Here is a simple comparison showing my power up to 30 seconds has improved from 2018 and 2021:

And the same over longer durations:

Better to start with analyzing power TR, in my humble opinion.

Thanks so much. Appreciate it

How does one learn how to analyze data/power to see where /how improvements can be made. It seems quite interesting

I’d start with using the TR tools and posting questions on the forum. There might be a blog post. You can also email questions to support.

The reason I suggest that is because other analysis tools (intervals, TrainingPeaks, WKO, Golden Cheetah, etc) have advanced tools for coaches. You should first focus on basic power analysis before moving on to advanced tools, in my humble opinion.

Start here:

Some good info with visual explanations!!

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Makes sense. Thank you.
Will search for the blog post. If someone has a link please post it. Thanks again everyone

Nate & crew gave a demo:

really appreciate the help dude…thanks

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