iOS app doesn’t auto pause?

I used the iOS app for the first time today. Had the settings set to pedal to resume workout. I had to stop for a minute to let the dog out and when I came back is said to pedal to resume however the timer had kept running the whole time. Is there another setting somewhere, something else, a big?

Works for me.

Hey @djwalker1260,

Enabling the Pedal to Play/Pause setting is the only thing you should need to do to enable the feature.

Are you running a cadence sensor, or is your Pedal to Play/Pause based on power?

I’d recommend running a simple test in a random workout to learn a little more about the issue:

  1. Ensure that the setting is enabled
  2. Start pedaling. Does that start the workout?
  3. Pedal for a few minutes
  4. Stop pedaling and watch the workout to see what happens.
  5. Does your power and/or cadence return to a zero value after pedaling ceases?
  6. If so, does the workout then pause, or does it continue going despite the fact that the sensors have zeroed (suggesting that you have stopped pedaling)

Let me know the results of this little test, and go ahead and save it so that Support can use it as a data point if needed.

Hi Bryce,

The ride in question is below:

You can see the problem near the end of the ride. I got off the trainer to let the dog out. The pedal to resume switch was turned on and the message was on screen. However, the clock kept going in the background. Looking at the ride I see that the power was zero but the cadence stayed non-zero when I was off the bike. I have never seen this on the PC app. Only my Tacx Neo2 and Wahoo Tickr were paired to the TR app. Let me know if you need anything else.


David Walker