Is it possible to pause the workout mid-interval?

Yesterday I flatted during my last interval and while my garmin auto-pauses my ride time, the display for the TR workout continued running though the intervals and by the time I was back on my bike it showed “workout completed!” I am wondering, if I get caught at a light, flat, or there’s some other cause to not follow the interval is there a way to pause it so I can later resume and jump back in where I left off?

Just click on the pause icon.

Or install a cadence sensor, then Trainerroad will auto pause if you don’t pedal. Requires back pedaling if you want the time to continue.

This also requires that setting to be enabled in TrainerRoad.

Maybe I’m mistaken, but the OP seems to be asking about pausing on a Garmin head unit while running an outside workout.

If true, none of the advice above is applicable since is all seems to be related to the TR app on a device, not a head unit.

To the OP, I know Wahoo has those options, but failed in my search for Garmin. They may have some pause and fast-forward or rewind controls on one of the pages, but I don’t know for sure.

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If you’re using a Garmin it won’t auto pause during a workout, you have to press the stop button on your unit then press it again to restart