Pedal to continue

I turned this on in he settings but it doesn’t seem to work. I have tried twice so far and it just stops and saves(strava). Is there something I should be doing different?

I keep it turned off in the event that I have sensor dropping issues. When I’m on the trainer, I know when I’m going to stop. So I don’t mind reaching up to hit the “pause” button.

Please contact for tech issues like this. They can look at the info behind the scenes and help you better than we can here with very limited info.

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You are talking about the “pedal to pause” related issue. The user above is asking about the recently added feature that allows you to continue pedaling at the end of the Cool Down period, and TR is supposed to automatically extend the Cool Down. It is a “no touch” option meant to allow for workout extension with no extra step other than pedaling past the end of the previously scheduled workout.

Thanks guys, I’ll reach out to them. Just wanted to make sure there wasn’t something else obvious I was missing.

Woops. My bad! Thanks other chad!

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Woah. I didn’t even know about this but that’s an awesome feature. But…I tried to find it but I see no where to turn this feature on.

It is for sure in the Settings of the mobile apps. I can’t remember if I have looked at the Win/Mac to see if it’s there. The official name is “Pedal to Extend workout”.

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Ah. Yep. Even after an update it’s not an option in Settings on Windows.

Found it on mobile.

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Maybe there’s a larger issue there. I was able to find the option but wonder if that’s what is stopping it from functioning correctly. I reached out to support

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