Should I stay with SS Mid Volume II

I am new to TR and have just finished SS mid Volume I. In the past 6 weeks I felt that I had time and energy to do more 5 rides per week. So should I increase my volume or stick with the plan and continue on the SS mid Volume II? Thanks.

Stick with SSB2 MV. You need to look at the bigger picture and realise that SSB1 is not supposed to rip your legs off. You’re working towards the build phase (which will rip your legs off🤣).
I think most people feel like they could be doing more at the beginning of a plan. I know I do every time I start a new plan.
It’s better to trust the process and see if you feel the same during the final week of SSB2. If you’re not feeling the workload by then I’d argue that your FTP setting is probably off.

PS. I need to screen shot this and look back at it in another few weeks myself.


Thanks will do. :grinning:
I am starting my SS MV II tonight!

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Good luck with it.
I highly recommend having a listen to the Ask A Cycling Coach podcast if you haven’t already. There’s loads of good info to be gleaned from the TR crew.

Week 5 of SSB2 MV. Cruel and unusual punishment! :laughing:


I wonder what was going on in Coach Chads’ life when he put that week together…?


That’s a good point. 3x workouts over .9 IF.
I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t thrive on Chad’s sadistic side. That’s what I’m used to.
To be fair to Chad the instructions spell it out for you. Dial it down if necessary.

Week 5 of SSB2 in my mind…You’ve had 4 weeks of hardish work without an assessment. It’s time to push the boundaries and see if you break or not.