Mid Vol SSB1 too much?

I just did the first 4 weeks of SSB1 and my legs are wrecked. I had to forego the final week and go straight into rest week (today even Petit was hard after a day off). I followed the plan almost exactly and was able to keep up with intensity with some exceptions…

  1. The easy workout each week was made easier (recovery @50%ish)
  2. Added a handful of very easy outdoor rides (no more than 1HR at recovery)
  3. Bailed on 2 or 3 rides about half way through

So my question is, how many people keep up with the mid vol SS plans (really following to a tee)?
Is 4 days of hard/“moderate” intensity too much?
Its hard to imagine I will keep up during Build.

I managed to stick to the 5 weeks fine, completing all the intervals. The fatigue did build up though, and the last week was hard… There is some chat on here about people who have rearanged their plans to work through SSB1 & 2 by doing 3 weeks on, 1 week off… That may work better for you?

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SSB1 Mid Vol is a lot of work. Is it too much? Depends on the type and volume of training you’ve been doing prior. I’m a 48 year old triathlete and have been training 10 to 12 hours per week for a few years. I started SSB1 following a shoulder injury which kept me from running and swimming. SSB1 was a manageable workload but would have been too much if I were trying to do any serious run and/or swim training at the same time. Give the low volume version a try.