VO2 intervals and current ftp

Hey Guys,

Quick question, I started LDT build last week; the ramp test had me down 7w, but I figured that was because I was on the backend of recovering from a cold. So I decided to leave my ftp at the previous level instead of lowering it.

I had my first VO2 max session today, and could not complete it. I managed 2 out of the 3 sets before I had to call it quits. Sweetspot generally feels ok to me, I can complete rides like Gibraltar +1 which is 1h45 at sweetspot, Im tired at the end, but I dont crash out.

My question is, should I lower my ftp to my ramp test result last week, or persist at the higher level?


If you’re sweetspot sessions are okay. Just drop the VO2max sessions to 115% and try that. Don’t adjust your ftp.

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In my opinion, if you are recovering and also haven’t done VO2 intervals in a while, completing 2 out of 3 is pretty good. I think these workouts are designed to just about bring you on your knees. I wouldn’t change FTP, it will get easier as you do more of them.


@GeorgeAnderson & @nordic Thanks for the input fellas, I was feeling really bummed after my ride this morning. Ill keep at it, overs and unders this weekend, yaaay… not! :sob:

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