Should I overrule FTP Detection (Lower my FTP)

AI FTP D has so far been increasing my FTP and whilst I am managing WO’s I feel I am getting dragged more and more into pedalling up right, rather than being in the TT extensions. Given that I am polluting its calculation by being upright too much, do you think I should be more gradual on the FTP increase?

I always wonder about TT/drops/whatever riding vs upright/most powerful. If we assume that your combination of muscles, lungs, heart, mitochondrial function etc etc are able to process 5L/min of Oxygen in an unencumbered position. Does that mean that training in a power limiting position etc is not able to put the same level of stimulus on the system (and thus has a different amount of adaptation)?

I know the positions can feel hard/just as hard.

It sounds like you are starting to ride above your FTP if your fatigue is mounting as you describe. What is your PL progression looking like?


I’ve skipped my Wednesday workout the last two weeks and rode outdoors in 2up or 3 up (I don’t mind doing that as the IF of it is usually between 0.7 and 0.8), so it looks like its had the effect of reducing my SS PL from 6.8 to 5.4. Im in the Speciality Phase of a LV plan so VO2max has decreased due to inactivity too (5.1 to 4.4). Threshold is slightly increasing (4.5-4.6)

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I guess it’s a philosophical thing, if it were me, I’d be doing all my “quality” work in the position that allows me most power, then doing specific TT efforts in the TT position (that is road position then onto TT, not on the horns of the TT bike).

Are you marking them as “Very Hard” when it makes you ride upright?

If riding on the poles is part of your goals, then I’d factor that into your survey response.

I’d be interested to see others opinions about leaving any low hanging fitness fruit or not.


Ive done that for a few of the threshold wo’s where I felt they were moderate upright but wouldn’t have been if I stayed in the TT position.

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Tough conundrum. I guess your fitness in my mind is at (let’s just say) 2x16min at 270W with 8min rest, but your TT specific conditioning is at say 4x9min.

I’m sorry I can’t really help with your question if your FTP is too high. I would say your PL, or FTP is too high for the TT position. If you want to ride exclusively there drop the WL down a bit, or your FTP.

I guess the issue is if you have a PL set for upright your AT schedule will never be right for your TT position. I’m just sort of thinking aloud here with you though. Maybe ask the #podcast ?

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By riding indoors you’re likely artificially lowering the power and work you can do and working in an artificial position compared to outside as is. My philosophy here is do whatever you need indoors to put out the watts; work on position outside and on easy indoor rides.


Personally, I don’t think the answer to any question is to manually adjust FTP.

If you want to do all your workouts in aero, that’s fine but you have to stay down and fail intervals when you fail them.

My approach has been to sit up for vo2max (+20%) intervals and into aero on the break.

In the early years I would alternate upright and aero as whatever worked until I could hold aero through all the intervals, this also works I think but I don’t think it’s optimal particularly as you hit your FTP plateau.


There’s a few different pros and cons to doing intervals in aero so it ultimately comes down to your personal preference and goals, but if that is your intent I think your best course of action would be to do a FTP test in the position that you intend to train in so you can get a solid idea of what your capabilities are and set targets accordingly.

AI FTP detection can only work from what it’s given and doesn’t differentiate between positions, so if you find yourself coming out of aero in order to complete a workout the output may not reflect where your limits would have been had you stayed there the entire time.