Should I increase my training volume?

I chose the low volume plan, which at the time made sense for me since I lift and run. But ankle tendonitis is preventing me from running now and I’ve decided to take a lengthy break from running to have this heal completely, if possible. So now I just lift (3xweek) and ride (strictly indoor for now) and feels like I can do more than the low volume plan I have.

I made a post earlier about whether my tested FTP is too low, making my initial workouts too easy. It is easy, but I’ll stick with this for now and trust the AI. But given how easy it is, and the fact that I won’t be running at all, I feel like my training can handle a lot more volume right now. My lifting is purely strength training (i.e. no hypertrophy focus) so I’m rarely sore from that and it doesn’t seem to impact my riding too much.

No specific goals in mind, but I just want to be as cycling fit as possible when I resume regular outdoor riding (early Spring). Last year, after a dormant winter, I was so out of cycling shape. I do feel like I’m starting from a point of low cycling fitness now (no riding since early October, before that, never over 75 mpw), so lots of ground to make up.

Is this a good idea though? Considering I’m planning on bringing back running at some point, which will reduce my time on the trainer. So I anticipate increasing volume for a month or two, then reducing - not sure how that’ll impact the training schedule/progression.

I think I would just use Train Now and fill ib your gaps for a few months.