Should I Do Strength Training During My Recovery Week?

Hello Community,

I am fairly new to TR, currently heading to week 5 HV SSB1. I also do strength training on Tue and Thu following the recommended workouts provided by coach Chat. However, as I am heading to my first recovery week (the week following next week), I’m wondering if I should put the GYM work on hold during that week…? Should I…?

You should do with your strength workouts exactly what you’re doing with your cycling workouts. Don’t stop, but reduce total work substantially. That could mean keeping the same sets/reps but cutting weight by a third. Take the time to focus on form, let yourself leave the gym feeling like you only warmed up.


Just curious if folks with a lot of lifting experience coordinate a back-off week with the weights together with easy weeks on the bike?

I guess the meat of the question is to what extent are cycling rest weeks a musculoskeletal rest week versus a more systemic, or metabolic break?

I was thinking I would continue on my lifting program during my cycling rest week but just wanted other’s perspectives.

I mainly tone down the volume, weight and intensity (around -50 %) of my lifting sessions during rest weeks (but also take 1 week off from lifting every 3 or 4 months).

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Last week was my week of rest for SSB1MV.

I did so much upper body in the mean time. 6 days of it. And it felt great. Did only 1 leg session though.

We shall see the effects as I’m retesting in 45 minutes (pray for me)

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