Rest / recovery weeks for strength training

Hi TR forum

I am needing some advice from TR users that also regularly visit the gym for strength training. I have been balancing the two for a few months now and have been following coach Chad’s guidance on making sure that I keep specific days in the week for complete rest and recovery, ie no gym or bike sessions.

I tend to follow a TR four week cycle - three weeks of intensity with one week recovery. By the end of the three weeks I generally need the recovery week for my TR workouts. However, I am not sure what to do about strength training in the recovery week. Typically, strength training programmes suggest a rest week every 8 - 10 weeks.

Does anyone have any suggestions, eg synchronise rest weeks for both every four weeks, only take a rest week from the gym every two or three TR cycles, just do what my body feels like?

Many thanks!

A lot will depend on your lifting history. If your a seasoned gym goer, reducing the reps and/or working sets (in my mind) would constitute a light week.

So for instance if you were used to doing 4 sets of 10reps @100kg on squats, then doing a week at 4x4reps@100kg is a comparative “rest”

Even just switching your normal workout sequence, or using a different machine/dumbbell.

But, if you feel you need a rest, take it. If you know you’ve got an hour of Vo2 repeats later that day, prioritise what you wish to gain more from etc. By the end of your rest week you might even be gagging to do some high rep deadlifts!! See how you feel, and keep it in balance, but it’s better to be slightly undertrained than slightly overtrained


For recovery weeks I drop one set. So I normally do 3 x 5-8 and will drop that to 2 x 5-8.


Thanks both. Will try a slightly lower volume during the rest weeks.