Shortening a training plan?

Thoughts on shortening a training plan? I just finished up the 4th week of SSB Mid Vol I and feel like I need a recovery week. I was doing fine handling the workload right up through Saturday’s OU workout (Palisade) but then didn’t have the legs to do the scheduled SST workout on Sunday. I did a recovery ride on Sunday instead and figured I’d try the SST ride again this morning (Monday). Still no dice today. My tentative plan now is to drop week 5 of this plan entirely and move next week’s recovery week up to this week. I’ll then start SSB MVII next week.

Just curious as to anyone’s thoughts on this approach vs. some sort of plan re-work to try and get that 5th week in. For the record, I’m 47 and find that I tend to need a bit more recovery now than I used to. Maybe we need Masters specific plans? :wink:

I think I read in a previous post that it is okay to shift the recovery week if necessary. So instead of shortening workout do recovery week for week 5 then do week 4’s workout.

@jobster This is correct! If you need a recover week, you can swap the weeks so that you don’t lose a week of your training plan. If you need another recovery week in the future when you don’t have one coming up in your plan, you can just add it in and shift everything back one week if you aren’t cramped on time.

I would also recommend checking out this article: How Aging Athletes Can Get Faster


Some good info on adjusting the recovery weeks for shorter loading periods.