Should I always accept adaptations?

I just subscribed as a new cyclist after doing a month and a half of pretty unstructured training on my direct drive trainer (power meter + HRM).

I’ve created a plan using plan builder and am a little over a week in. Whenever I complete a workout I’m getting adaptations recommended (which is super engaging tbh, so I do like this feature a ton!); however, these always seem to be making my future workouts much easier. For example, my Sweetspot ride today that 3.1 and I completed it successfully without any issues, marked it “medium” (but maybe should have said “easy”) and it bumped my next Sweetspot from 4.0 to 3.1. Last week I did a Breakthrough training and it was between medium and hard. I completed it without any issues, but subsequently, a lot of my rides were blitzed down to lower PLs.

I don’t necessarily think this is WRONG, but since I don’t really understand WHY it does this, my question is:

Should I just trust the process and always accept adaptations? Or should I make the call and try to push toward the original plan builder workout?

I’ve been erring toward “accept adaptations” because I assume the data and engineers are smarter than me about this and will do a better job keeping me injury and burnout free than I could on my own with my limited knowledge, but I would love some confirmation on that philosophy.

Not sure why it would turn down the PL for the next workouts. I usually get no adaptations if I select “hard” and complete the workout with no problem. Maybe contact support so they can look into it and perhaps give some clarification to why this is happening.

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ok! Hate to bother support, but I’ll give them a quick shout. :smiley: Appreciate the input

  • Seriously, it’s not a bother for them. They are best equipped for this stuff, they are fast and super helpful any time that I have used them. They love to get people sorted and pointed in the right direction.