Feature Request: Selective Adaptation Acceptance


IS there any possibility to select which workout to select? For example, after last evening’s workout, AT recommended 11 changes but do I really need to accept all? CAn we add a feature where it can be selective?


I brought up this exact thing in another Adaptive Training thread the other day (Adaptive Training Is Now Out of Beta & Fully Available to All TrainerRoad Athletes! - #178 by mwglow15) and @IvyAudrain said that a feature request was submitted! So hopefully it’s a relatively simple and quick implementation.


Plus one for this


Sorry if this has already been requested, could not find on a quick saerch of the forum.

I have been using Adaptive Training for a while now and generally really like it. However, sometimes I want to force certain progressions whilst being happy to go with the plan for the rest. When AT offers adaptations to the plan I can though only accept or reject all of the adaptations. Sometimes I will want to accept some, and reject others.

For example, I am on a LV polarised plan and the Sunday endurance workout is generally only 2hours long. I have been doing longer rides and want to keep pushing the endurance progression, so have selected a longer alternate. AT though keeps wanting to revert back to the original endurance workout. At the same time, it is wanting to make other adaptations to the plan that I am happy with. In this case, I tend to reject all the adaptations.

So could we have the option to pick which adaptations to accept and reject please?

If there is already a way to do this then happy to be educated…


I moved your request under an existing one with the same objective.


Has there been any updates on this request? I’d love to be able to select which workouts to change. And if not has anyone found a work-around?


A more strategic approach might make the most sense. I don’t necessarily want to make the choice for which workouts to change or adapt. Instead I’d rather trainer road look at performing the calculations at the end of a week or beginning of a new week. Doing it at the end of a workout just feels like there are too many adjustments and over compensation. In some cases I move my workouts around based on when I have time to do them. Sometimes I miss one workout for the week, in other cases, I do it later in the week when there is an off day.
Ultimately, I don’t want to be asked every time I step up the level of a workout or come back after missing a workout.

Agreed. I did a workout yesterday and it was super hard, but it was out of character for me (Not sure why). And since then it’s suggesting I lower the intensity on a bunch of following threshold workouts. Today, I did a Vo2 workout and it felt moderate, next week it’s raised the intensity and tripled the intervals. I think I could do the vo2, but am not sure I want to reduce the threshold.

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I 'cant find a way to approve or disprove recommendations one at a time. Is there a way to do this?

No, adaptations are an all or nothing accept or decline.

Okay, Thanks.

please add it to the list of requested features or what have you, pretty annoying to not be able to do this

Since you are now asking for this to be a feature request, I moved your post under the one that already existed asking for the same thing.


+1 for selecting adaptations per zone.


I have been using the training plans for the past couple months and have had several adaptation suggestions. I don’t always agree with them especially when I feel the workout was manageable and then it suggest a lessor workout based on progression numbers. I realized that I was probably choosing “hard” sometime when I should have chosen “Moderate” at the end of the workout which may have accounted for some of this.

When I choose to skip the suggestion I have noticed it comes back after the next workout. Which is fine because I can just skip it again if I don’t agree with it. But here is my problem and my feature request. Sometimes I want to accept a couple of the suggestions but not necessarily all of them. But there is no option for this so you take it all or none. Is it possible to give us the ability to except the suggested changes for one area but not all the areas?

Basically if I get a progression bump suggestion for the Tuesday workouts and a progression decrease for Sunday workouts. I want to accept the bump on Tuesday and skip the decrease on Sundays. Currently this is not possible. At least not a way that I see.

The biggest reason why I am asking for this is because my sweet spot rides constantly suggest a decrease even when I select moderate at the end of the workouts. I am not sure why it constantly wants to lower my next workouts. All the other workout types; VO2 Max, Threshold, Endurance, etc, seem to give me a bump up when I would expect it to.

Hopefully this all makes sense.

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Totally agree. Or let me accept the threshold bumps but not the SS. Also not sure why if I’ve skipped the adaptions once it keeps asking me on subsequent days.

I find outside workouts easier than indoor. So when I do a tough outdoor session it wants to increase the intensity of all my indoor sessions (which I skip because I know I won’t be able to complete them).

I think you might be over analyzing the “downgrading” of these workouts. The plan still has progression built in and AT is just fine tuning it. It’s not saying that you got slower or failed when it adjusts your workouts. You’re paying $15 a month for the adaptations so you may as well use them!

As mentioned, I moved your post under one with the same request.

This may be doable if it’s suggesting you go down in intensity but if it’s bumping you up, especially if it’s a significant bump then I disagree.

AT gives you the option to skip changes because it’s not perfect.

There are appropriate reasons for AT to offer large steps in PL and related workouts on the calendar. These may be the times where a person has notable fitness in a particular zone, early in a training plan & TR career. If they get a Productive or even Stretch workout, and rate it “Easy”, it’s possible that there would be increases (some larger) in the pending workouts on the calendar.

AT aims to get people to whatever ramp rate and load level TR baked in, so the end result of changes up or down are dependent on many factors. Main point being that we have some general expectations, but conditions can and do exist that will be outside of the norm. Unless someone really knows the suggested adaptations are in real error, it may be best to accept them.

For questions like that, I’d suggest bailing out of the Adaptation preview (neither accept nor decline), and contact TR for a review. Getting that review for “doing anything” is possibly best, to let them see the whole picture vs doing something that may be the wrong answer at that moment with insufficient info.

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I know exactly what’s happening. I can complete a stretch workout outdoors but not indoors. So when I do the odd workout outdoors AT wants to bump all my indoor sessions up. Which makes sense. Perhaps sometime down the road AT will learn to separate efforts between indoor and outdoor.