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Hello first time poster here

Hope you are all well… I am following a TR programme and am thoroughly enjoying it
However the next two weeks are going to be manic off the bike. How do you suggest I shorten my workouts but still gain the same or similar training effect? So a McGregor workout for 90 mins could be replaced with? I will have an hour but that’s pushing it a bit so 45 minutes would be ideal

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Al Norton

I’m a big advocate of adapting your program as needed.

  1. Frequency. You want to complete all the workouts. It’s ok to push a whole week forward if you have to, but better not to skip the plan. You can move any workout forward , but tr6 to keep the days off between them. You can always shift the whole week forward, then add an moderate workout or two to fill in gaps. But overall the plan is arranged to elicit a pattern of training stress, so try to keep them in order.
  2. Duration. Life gets in the way. It’s easy to reduce duration by selecting a (-1, -2, -3) workout with the same name. Just search the workout list for the name and you should see shorter versions of the same name. Sub that into your plan . This is ideal because the shorter workout will have the same intent as the original (endurance, VO2, whatever) so it keeps the overall plan in place. Worst case, if you can’t find a (-) workout, do a search for the same type of workout (say endurance) with less time.
  3. Intensity. I believe it is important to complete the entire workout and not quit. So if it’s feeling hard, reduce the intensity using the (+/-) controls. So, conversely, if you think the 45 min workout is too easy, notch it up +10% for more effect.

Hope this helps.


I’d suggest using the Alternates function :slight_smile:


Thanks that is really helpful. I only signed up to TR in December so know i am just scratching the surface but will look at making the changes you suggest,… And I’m guessing no playing catch up when things level out?
Once again thank you for help…and time

Agreed, and here is the support article about them.

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Don’t try to ‘catch up’ by doing more later on, Just do what you can when you can when training time is limited, following the advice from @Juarez if possible. The adaptive training feature will adjust the progressions in subsequent workouts accordingly, meaning you don’t need to try and make the next week harder or longer to compensate.