Shortcuts on MAC

I can’t make the shortcuts work on MAC, BTW isn’t there a shortcut for switching between ERG and resistant mode?

Thanks very much in advance :slight_smile:

i have same issue

and also for workout intensity +/-

thought it was just my OS

are you on high sierra ?

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Yes I am also on High Sierra

Hey, everyone. We don’t have keyboard shortcuts in the Mac app at the moment.

We do have plans to eventually add shortcuts to Mac, but we don’t have an ETA on this feature yet.

Thanks for your patience on this, and rest assured there’s nothing wrong with your local app/OS. :slight_smile:

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I think that it is a very important feature! Because it is not easy to adjust the restiant with the mouse when riding. Is it very hard to implement?

Hey, @pnr! I understand why keyboard shortcuts are important to you. Focusing on anything other than holding your power targets in the midst of a workout is difficult, and keyboard shortcuts make this easier by removing some inconvenience.

Your question is a really valid one! Thanks for asking it. :slight_smile:

In fact, I asked one of our developers the same question a couple of weeks ago!

My thinking was, “You probably just have to copy/past some code to make this work, yes? Simple functionality = simple implementation, right?”.

Well, not quite… As I’ve learned during my time at TrainerRoad, a seemingly simple feature is, often times, actually quite difficult to correctly implement. :upside_down_face:

I’m not qualified to go into the specifics on this (I’m not a software engineer) but basically, adding keyboard shortcuts on Mac is significantly more difficult than one might imagine.

What I can say is that we want to make the Mac app better in general. We’re going to do this. And, part of our Mac-improvement efforts will include keyboard shortcuts.


I have now tried out some of the competitors (Bkool, Sufferfest and more) and they all have shortcuts in Mac OS, so it is not impossible😉

+1 for making the shortcuts work in the mac OS app.
A new one to add would be the ‘go to end of interval’ key (in zwift that’s tab). Not that I’m going to use it, but just in case :persevere:

I’d love to see more keyboard shortcuts. I have tried to hit ESC while the device picker is up but it does nothing, I try to hit enter to accept the primary button often but that doesn’t work. I find it very hard to use a trackpad while on the bike

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