Free Ride sections in Workout Creator

Is there an option in the Workout Creator to add custom duration “free ride” intervals into a workout? So that some portions are power controlled in the ERG mode while other sections automatically switch to Non Erg (free ride) mode?

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Unfortunately not. I’ve requested this functionality, but any upgrades to workout creator aren’t currently planned

Is there a way to easily toggle resistance and erg mode without going into the trainer settings?

When using Win or Mac with a keyboard, the T key toggles trainer mode quickly. I use it on occasion and it works well.

No such short cut for mobile as you have to dig into the Device menu.

Bummer it’s not easier in mobile/iPad. For the “zone out z2” stuff, I like it in erg mode but like to have it in normal resistance for intervals. Kinda a pain in mobile.

Yup, we have an open feature request from many moons ago to get something quicker on mobile.

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