Feature request - use the CTL button

When flipping between erg and resistance I feel it would be better to let the CTL button do this for 2 reasons.

  1. It’s easier to hit first time as it’s on the edge of the keyboard
  2. It’s intuitive, control of the trainer mode = the control button.

I often flip in and out of erg especially on short high power intervals, it gives me better compliance than doing them totally in erg.


looking forward to this coming to the andriod/iOS app version

My assumption is that they are able to code Windows independently of course.

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Safe assumption, considering that keyboard shortcuts have been present in the Win/Mac app for a LOOONG time already, with no issues on the separate mobile app.

Nothing to worry about with cross pollination here.

Sorry wasn’t being a jerk! I meant the ability to switch between erg and slope. Currently you can do it on pc but not on Android or iOS apps. There is an update coming to the apps where hopefully this will be addressed.

A simple menu were you can setup up your own shortcut keys would fit everyones liking


Even better

… well you can switch but it’s a bit cumbersome. I think something like 3-5 presses with some possible swiping and the workout may pause in the background when you do it :slight_smile:

For reference, I think you need to get to the devices menu and edit the setting on your trainer during the workout.

I agree that it seems like a nice enhancement to add some way to more easily toggle this in the app. Even slightly “buried” under the intensity pop-up would make me happy (pull open the +/- screen and see a toggle or selector show up with those buttons?)