Controlling Free Ride resistance

Feature request: I did Free Ride 150 this morning. I have TR running on my laptop on a shelf to the left of my bike. It is accessible from the bike so I can make adjustments, etc.

The control to change resistance in resistance mode needs some work. You have to grab a tiny, very sensitive slider with your mouse to adjust the resistance. Instead of doing it on the fly while I was riding, which proved impossible, I had to stop to adjust it. That’s not ideal.

Maybe I just don’t know about keyboard controls for that adjustment? If there aren’t any, I suggest either creating some or adding reasonably-sized buttons to adjust resistance up & down.


RTFM … Apparently you can control the resistance with the left right cursor keys! :joy:

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Keyboard shortcuts.

Should be able to change mode (ERG vs Resistance) as well adjust the resistance value (%) via the keyboard.

I’m on a Mac which lost the keyboard shortcuts for what seemed like an eternity. However, they have been brought back w/the latest version. “M” changes the mode and arrow/direction keys can adjust resistance up/down. This may be different on a Windows box.

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Win and Mac match now.


I hate resistance mode. I can not simply ride with it. I set it between %15 then it is too low, raise a little bit then it is so high. I can not find the gear then I set it to zero then it does not work at all. I think I will stick with ERG mode.