Short term workout rescheduling for time crunch

Hello All,

I am currently in build phase of a LVSST plan. This week time is even more not on my side than usual with upcoming travel. I am wondering how wise or advisable it is to try to squeeze my workouts into back-to-back days. What I am contemplating looks like this:

Tuesday (already performed): 30 minute criterium max effort (IF 1.23).
Wednesday: Clouds Rest +3 (1:15 duration, 0.87 IF)
Thursday: East Vidette (1:30 duration, 0.88 IF)

I have to travel early Friday morning and am not back until late Sunday, so am missing those days for my normal longer efforts.

I am not sure if it is better to just drop the Wednesday effort altogether and then hit the longer Thursday one harder. I may have a chance to do a shorter workout early on Friday morning, so wondering if an evening VO2 max workout on a Thursday followed by an early morning workout of some kind (either the Threshold one dropped on Wednesday or maybe an easier one to recover) would be an option as well.

This is my first go around with structured training and am seeing some good benefits and meeting my race goals and don’t want to rock my boat. I tend to be injury prone so don’t want to overdo it but also am enjoying seeing my progress – so it’s difficult to manage those two competing interests when time gets short.

Thanks for any advice.

If injury prone - I would skip the Wednesday workout

The fitness you lose over the weekend is super minor and you will gain it back next week in a day.

Focus on recovery to hit next week harder

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I had a similar travel conflict recently. I would do an endurance workout Wednesday, recovery Thursday, and try to squeeze in an intense workout Friday morning. Then get a race prep workout Monday morning if you have another Crit next Tuesday. Two intense days per week is generally enough to achieve gains. Three days completely off, however, is long enough to start losing significant stroke volume and other things. It will come back quickly but seems like you can avoid it.

Thanks for your replies. As is often the case, after all the perseverance about workouts, life dishes up what it does – managed to get 1.5 h East Vedette in today but yesterday and tomorrow are no goes. Will have to try to get a quick one in Sunday night.

Thanks again for your responses.