Got to love the one minute cool down in Ericsson

One hour session with 15 minutes of warm up and single leg drills at the beginning then you go from spinning at 110 rpm into a one minute cool down. Seems like its a bit lopsided. Yes I am fully aware I can add minutes at the end (which I did) but I think there should be a minimum of 3 minutes at the end to cool down.


If it was built in then Ericsson wouldn’t appear in the 1 hour time bucket that the search function used to be based on. The idea was always that you would do the ride then load up a free ride if you wanted extra.

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I have the perfect solution to this: drop the isolated leg drills because they are LITERALLY THE WORST, then shift everything to the left. BAM, longer cooldown at the end. :100:


The cool downs definitely seem to be an after thought in a number of workouts. Their duration seems to simply depend on rounding up the total time to a round number; 1hr, 1.30 etc. Good job there is an “extend cool down” feature!

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