Shared Strava Upload Possible? And Strange Adaptation

I did a super exciting longer (for me) ride of 60km (thanks TrainerRoad!) with my husband on Thursday! Unfortunately, my Garmin conked out right away even though it should have had plenty of charge. So since we rode together for the whole thing - no wild husband sprints or anything - my husband “invited me” to join his ride and it now displays as my activity as well. Same course, running time, watts, distance etc. The activity did not sync automatically to TR, so I wonder if there is a way to manually upload it? I was in absolutely no condition to do my actual workout when I got home, so I would like the algorithm to recognize that I did do something. The adaptation that it shows for me now appears to be skipping tomorrow’s sweet spot workout as well as the next week’s worth of endurance workouts and taking a ramp test tomorrow. This doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and I wonder whether adding in Thursday’s workout might help. Does anyone have any ideas about what I should try? Thanks!

You can follow the “Manually Upload Your Rides” section:

As to the whole aspect of what it might do to AT, that is anyone’s guess. There are a mix of opinions and experiences with outside rides and how they may or may not be connected to TR workouts and the like.

Without going down that road right now, I question the use of linking to your husbands ride. It may vary if he does or does not have power / heart rate and the like. Essentially, if you two mirrored each other on the ride, and you don’t get any data that was more specific to him (PWR / HR), then at least TR will have the presence of a ride. If there is HR data, TR would potentially estimate TSS from that HR data, but it would likely not match yours… and therefore be a problem IMO.

I get the desire to have data in place, but this manual option could lead to more issues than it solves, but that depends on the amount and type of data in his file.

And I have no idea on the adaptation issue you mention without a fair bit more info. Likely needs a hand from TR support to dig in there.

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