Can TR automatically upload runs

I use my Garmin watch when I ride outdoor, which automatically uploads to Strava and to TR when my ride is complete. I love it because it keeps track of miles, TSS and everything else. I am now running more but when I use my watch in run mode, it doesn’t upload to TR. Any chance that can be fixed? Anyone else have that problem? I would love to track my overall weekly tss including my runs through TR. Right now the only way I can do that is by manually going in and adding a scheduled run. I know that’s not a lot of work, but it’s not very convenient. I use a Garmin 935. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! @Jonathan @Nate_Pearson


No, there is not upload function for Runs or Swims at this time. There is an open Feature Request (I can link later when I have more time), and the TR crew acknowledged this is on their overall to-do list, but not active at this time (because other priorities are ahead of that implementation).

Manual is the main way to get them in the TR system right now.

I had a cheat workaround I used a bit once upon a time. I will try to find that link too.

Edit: Feature Request:

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My odd work around, that is not really a good idea, probably:

Thanks for the info! I guess I should have done a search on this topic first. I didn’t know it was discussed already. That’s a bummer but at least I know it’s not possible at this point. I don’t mind inputting manually. It’s just a pain and not very accurate.

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