Setting up a power saddle fore/aft

Pretty sure this would be the spot for this. How are people doing the initial fore/aft setting when going from a standard saddle to a short saddle? Generally, I keep a set of measurements if I’m swapping out a seatpost, etc… But I’m a bit miffed on where I might start with a short saddle set-up. Doesn’t make sense to compare “nose to nose” across saddles. From the rear deck? Or, because it’s a different concept of fit, is it best not to compare saddle to saddle and just make sure your height is correct, and go from there?

I forget the precise distance, but the Power has a tag attached that show 2-3cm as the difference to a “normal” saddle. Find this tag and confirm, then just add that distance to your saddle setback or nose to bar measurement.

Alternatively, you can start with a rail position about like the prior saddle. It isn’t perfect, but will get you in the ballpark.

Then you can check final position with KOPS or other method to get your proper setup. This should be done with any new saddle (even if the length is the same) because the shape and actual perch will vary with each one.


The info on the power saddle says to add 3cm to the setback for a standard Specialized saddle. I don’t know about compared to other brands. I went from. Specialized Toupe to a Power Arc and 3 cm gave me the same KOPS dimensions on both saddles. So, for me, 3cm further back seemed to work well.

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Great info all, thank you.

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Chad setup my Specialized Power saddle with the 3 cm setback that Specialized recommend and it’s been perfect. I have a Fizik Antares on my Domane and the Power on my Checkpoint, they’re both equally comfortable.

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I have been riding the Specialized Toupe and test rode the Power on several rides (outdoor and indoor). What I did that worked was I measured the point in the saddle where my sit bones were on my Toupe (to the stem) and used that same measurement for positioning the Power. That seemed to work for me. Ultimately, I didn’t like either the Power (or the Power Arc that I tested) so when I bought my new Tarmac, I had the LBS swap out the Power that came with it for a Toupe.

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I look at the point where the nose of the saddle widens to approx. 65-70% of the widest point and use that as my measurement point for setback.