Specialized power saddle question

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I’ve got a Specialized power saddle on my bike and I’m currently trying to get lower at the front with off the bike exercises mentioned in another thread I posted. Being looking around at various positions to put this saddle, my ultimate goal is to be comfortable in an aero position for longer. Does this saddle need to be level or nose down for this?

The forward and middle may be close to level, but the tail will be higher by a bit.

I had mine set up with an overall angle of -6 degrees . After all kind of personal . For reference my reach from the tip of the saddle to the bars is 61cm and saddle to handlebar drop just short of 14cm…

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Start with the seat RAILs level, not the seat. Work from there.


I have the seat rails level at the moment just read a bit about titling the saddle down can help getting aero?

Remember that the “correct” position for this saddle nose is 2-3cm behindthe nose position of your previous saddle (it is a sub nosed design). You want your “dangly-down” parts dangling down just off the nose of the saddle.

If you kept your saddle nose in the same position as your previous saddle, you are going to have the sme issues as before…namely as you try and get lower, you are just compressing your dangly-down parts, which is inhibiting your ability to get lower.

Keep in mind the saddle to bar drop of each rider can and does vary. So take a statement about tilt with a large grain of salt.

What’s right for someone else may not be right for you and your overall situation. With any fitting of new equipment, you need to start at some position & orientation, and test it in practice. Trial & error lead to success, once you try, evaluate & adjust.

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Thanks chad it was more just out of interest really. I’m comfortable on the saddle and when I get aero just wondered if it would make me more aero or get lower down.

The only reason it would make you more aero is if you are experiencing pain, discomfort, or numbness that lead you to rise up. If you don’t have those issues, and are placing your hands and upper body where you want, you are golden.

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Cheers chad :+1:

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I adjust the angle of my saddle when i notice too much pressure on the pubic bone. most of the pressure should be on ur sit bones, so there is no numbness or pain on the front. make sure your sit bones are what are taking the most of your weight.

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I’m not getting any numbness on this saddle was a great upgrade. Was just more clarification if tilting it makes any difference or if it’s worth it. But thanks for the help.

if you have no pian or discomfort, i dont see why tilting it would help you. you want you sit bones anchored and not to rock your hips, if you have that, then i wouldnt touch it! make sure you stretch and dont go too low! try and go narrow to get aero

According to a friend who does equipment testing for Spesh and the BG Fit Instructor who setup my bike, the front half (or less) of the saddle should be level. This is to say there are ~5cm of surface on the front of the saddle that are flat. You should be able to set a level on this in order to set the angle.

Set back is another major difference with this saddle that is very often missed / set incorrectly. As a member above stated, it should actually be quite a bit further back than you’d expect. In fact, it’s likely to be several CM more setback even after factoring in the shorter length of the Power compared to whatever other saddle you were using. As an example, I run the current Romin Evo about center of the adjustment area and my Power is less than a CM from being maxed to the rear.

The whole “jewels hanging off the front of the saddle” thing is wild though. I’m not as sure about that one… or maybe I just never think about it…

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I’ve just had a little play about and I’ve moved the power forward about 5mm. Had a short ride this morning and the “jewels” are hanging off the front now and my sit bones seem to be anchored better than before which didn’t seem possible. I checked that the rails are level with the ground they was a bit off (nose was down). See how this goes over a few weeks. Cheers for the info.


I too have heard (pro bike fitter/physio who worked a lot with Spesh UK/BG/Retul) that the starting point for Specialized saddles is the centre portion flat (ignoring tail and nose). This means for some models the tail rises and nose drops (Romin, Power), some end up almost totally flat (Toupe), all depends on shape and therefore your preference is shape dictates what saddle you buy.

The Power and Power Arc are designed to be set with the rear of the saddle approximately where standard Specialized saddles would sit, with the nose 3cm back. There is a little variance here, the Toupe for example has a slightly longer tail than most and a Romin a longer nose. That might mean ‘like for like’ it needs to be a little further back or forward.

Being conscious that the pro-peleton isn’t always to be followed, but it is interesting to note, at the Vuelta a Murcia virtually all the Bora Hansgrohe bikes had ‘modern’ saddles like the Power/Arc and the majority were obviously nose down and some extremely so.

I briefly tried an Arc set visible nose down and it felt great for spirited riding on hoods and drops but terrible on tops. If you were a crit racer it might be worth some experimentation. As said above my preferred position seems to be set well back like a traditional saddle.

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