Bike fit experts - comparing bike sets up and saddle position

When measuring reach and set back on different bikes to get a similar position, is it ok to use the front of the saddle as a reference point, even though the saddles will have slightly different dimensions. And is “feel” sufficiently accurate bearing in mind different frame geometries. I remember a quote from Chris Boardman saying he lost a medal because of a measured 0.5cm wasnt checked for “feel”.
For saddle height I place a straight edge on the saddle to check the drop and measure on one side of the seat pin to the crank axle to where it touches the straight edge. When I have a close enough set up I go out and ride and make micro adjustments until it feels right. Thoughts?

Depends on the respective saddles and where you sit on them. As different saddle shapes and lengths are likely to lead to your sit bones being in a different position relative to the nose, in which case measuring from the nose is going to put you in different positions.

I use the same saddle on all my bikes which makes it easier to set them up the same!

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Yup, saddle nose is easy and repeatable, but not always best when using difficult saddles. As mention we may land in different final locations between saddles of different shapes.

It’s a decent starting point to use the nose in most cases, but adjustment should be considered once riding takes place. Also keep in mind the more notable issue if you are dealing with a larger length difference seen better traditional length saddles and the newer short nose ones like the Specialized Power.

Foe that reason, some fitters reference a location in the middle of the saddle, but it’s still impacted by saddle length style differences even if its a smaller delta than nose refers.

Some other fitters use the widest part of the wings as the reference since this is closer to the driving contact points. But its no perfect because the shape and slope of the wings mean it’s not a hard reference to rider position either.

All that to say that the idea of a decent starting point with the willingness to adjust are necessary in all cases I have seen.

I splurged on one of these, mainly because I like Abbey Tools. Fit Kit – Abbey Bike Tools

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Thanks for the replies, never knew about the plate but my long spirit level does a similar job with a bit of finesse.On my micro adjustments, I do find my body knows what to adjust as when im pushing back in the seat it’s time to push the saddle or raise it slightly, or coming forward on the peak, move the saddle forward etc.

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