Bike Fit with ISM Saddle

So I recently did a post about my OEM saddle from Felt and I was on the hunt for a new one. My position on a TT bike is quiet aversive (I think) as I was right on the nose of the saddle. Side note - I also had a bike fit too so I’m not trying to compensate for incorrect saddle fore/argt. I bought a ISM PN 3.0 and I’ve lost a bit of power. I did a 10m TT yesterday and I only averaged 250w where as I averaged 270w on a 25m TT. I assuming this could be due to an incorrect saddle height? I’ve got a bike fit again on a Thursday again to try and get it right again

I have another 10m TT on Wednesday so I’m after a bit of help. Would you say by looking at the pictures anything is jumping out? I’ve also put on a 130mm stem as the picture is showing a 110mm.

It’s impossible to tell from the photos. If you suspect saddle height as the issue then just carefully measure the height between the new and old saddles when fitted to the bike

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Go to the ISM page. There are two pieces on there. 1) that an ISM saddle needs to be 5mm different to a normal saddle in height. 2) How you measure the angle

The other think I do with my saddles is measure them all, not from the nose, but from where they are all a similar width. That I measure beneath my hip bone. I find this is where the saddles are around 90mm wide. (You need to find that for yourself), All my saddles are marked there (a piece of masking tape stays in place or a marker pen)., I find that using this as the point if reference for height and fore aft makes fit and positioning a lot easier.

This is especially true to the two ISMs I use on my TT and track bike.

Good luck.


Thanks for the link. I think I raised mine 5mm and not lowered :see_no_evil:

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Not saddle related, but I would focus on finding a position that allows you to tuck/turtle your head in line with your back. This may mean needing to raise your pad stack at the front a little bit. Popping your head up like that could be costing some CdA.

Here is a good example from Rohan Dennis:


Also, I can’t quite tell from the pictures, but your legs look a bit too hairy :slight_smile:

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