Setting the start date for a new/replacement plan

Hi TR Forum,

I’ve been emailing with support, but not quite managing to get the help I’m after, which I have to say is very unusual.

Long story short, I selected “expert” when putting my plan together for an event in Aug.

This put a Specialty phase in the middle of the plan and had some longer periods without a rest week.

What I have now decided to do is delete my old plan and start again selecting advanced and Masters, hopefully this gives me more build and the 3 weeks on/1 week off ratio I’m after.

I had hoped support would do this for me, but I’ve not heard anything back from them since last week, so going to try to do this for myself.

Does anybody know how to set the start date so the new plan doesn’t start me off with Base I?

I started Base II yesterday and would like to keep this progression on the new plan if I can.

Do I set the start date of the new plan to the same as the original plan?

I’m a bit nervous to delete my old plan without knowing how to get the sequencing right on the new plan.

And tips/advice much appreciated.


Haven’t tried it with the masters plans, but yes, backdating the start date to pick up the base you have already done is the way to handle this.


Just use the start date of your old plane

Many thanks, I’ll give that a go.


Sorry to hear that you haven’t gotten things sorted out with support. :disappointed: It does look like you’ve been able to connect with them today, though!

As you mentioned, this is unusual for TR support, so my apologies.

If your plan still isn’t set up how you’d like, please let me know, and I’ll make sure to get everything sorted out.

Thanks for bearing with us on this one. :handshake:

No worries, I’ve had lots of good help from support and was just being a bit impatient.

My idea didn’t quite work as I still have an 8 week specialty in the middle of the plan, regardless of if I class myself as intermediate, advanced or expert.

Support are telling me this how PB currently works and there isn’t anything we can do to change it at the moment.

I don’t mind doing specialty mid plan, but was trying to get more of the Masters base/build 3 weeks on/1 week off schedule, so was hoping by changing my experience level I would get more build to facilitate this.

I can still manually amend the weeks when I come to them, so it’s not insurmountable.

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I think what you’re seeing here is this:

When Specialty ends and Base 1 starts again, there is no rest week in place.

Essentially, it goes:

  • Recovery Week
  • Specialty
  • Specialty
  • Specialty
  • Specialty (taper)
  • Base 1
  • Base 1
  • Base 1
  • Recovery Week

This is something that we’re looking at now as far as how to best wrap up the Specialty phase after a taper. If you have an"A race" in your plan, You’ll get a Recovery week after it, which solves the problem, but if you don’t, you get dumped back into Base 1 after the taper week.

What I’d recommend doing in this case is simply replacing that fourth week of Specialty, which typically serves as a taper (hence the lower volume) with a Recovery Week. Using TrainNow in this situation is probably the easiest option. Otherwise, you could replace the workouts manually.

Again, I’d be happy to help with any of this if you’d like – just say the word! :man_factory_worker:

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Looks like we got you all sorted out! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks again!

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Thanks Eddie,

Above and beyond from you…

Really glad to be able to get the 3 weeks on/ 1 week off schedule across the plan.

Now I just have to stick to it!