Adaptive Training Progression Levels: adding negative numbers?

I recently took a short break from structured training and decided when I came back to start on an adaptive training plan since I’ve heard so much about it. I’ve been at it for a short time, and haven’t noticed much of a difference but I trust the software and when adaptations are suggested I follow them. All good.

Recently, however, I’ve been finishing my workouts and at the end of the ride I will occasionally get the notice about the change to progression levels, but the change is a negative number. So it will give me this screen and say something like “Sweet Spot +(-0.6)” ; 5.8 → 5.2." But then if I go to look at my career page, the progression level has not changed, so still 5.8 or whatever it was.

I have a few questions. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a known bug? (I did some searching on the forum and haven’t found anything that specifically references this problem). To me it makes sense that your progression levels should be able to go down just as they go up–progress is not always linear and all. But it makes no sense to me that if I complete a workout and really not even struggle with it that my levels should decrease. Is the system able to perceive lapses in my efforts that even I don’t notice that would cause my levels to drop?

Make sure to email this issue directly to because this is they type of question and potential issue we need them to handle since this is still in beta.

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Yes it is the same for me. Maybe it has something to do with your survey, eg if you rate it easy or moderate, then your level will not decrease.

@mcneese.chad good tip. I wasn’t sure if it was really a bug but I will send an email.

@blister202 I thought that might be it at first but I don’t think so now. This morning I did Lazy Mountain +1 and when I finished I marked it Easy and I was still told that progression level for Endurance had decreased

it’s the same for me. had it multiple times. it was confusing the first time, now I know what it means.