Progression levels reducing

Anyone know why my progression levels would drop significantly in 4 days? Seems odd. Are these designed to fluctuate so significantly up and down? Images attached

Has you FTP updated in the last couple of days?

Hey mate - no. Haven’t altered my FTP for a while

How did you rate those workouts? Given they weren’t completed, the system may have treated them as a fail and adjusted things down accordingly

In the web app, hover your cursor over the red bar, and a pop-up will explain the PL reduction. It’s a real kick in the worn-out chamois:

fwiw: I am really growing to dislike PL. For my own very personal mental composition, it seems to cause more anxiety and self-loathing than anything else. Yet here I am… focused on it again.


The over unders - I was cooked. But the endurance one I was just using as recovery over and above the prescribed plan - odd that pulling out on it early would reduce my progression level by more than half.

Right you are - I have been using TR to build for an event and now turning my focus to long outdoor rides. I guess this has resulted in the reductions by skipping workouts in favour of outdoor (event-like) training. Pretty useless if it doesn’t account for outdoor tss and zones.

in my experience, Threshold and VO2 max decay after 2 weeks. It could be that you just noticed it 4 days before it happened. Not sure about the decay rate on the other PLs.

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MUCH APPRECIATED!!! I have not seen this mentioned or stumbled onto it myself. Super cool to have this there and TR should do a better job sharing the function.

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They’re probably too busy chasing Scotty around the office these days.

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:chipmunk: :rofl:

Always best to check in with the team at, they have the most accurate insight to the full scope of your recent workouts and their timelines to speak to any changes, or to make sure nothing is amiss.