Searching for Over-Under Workouts

Under over isn’t a searchable term on the workout filter / search.
Can any one list some of their “favorite” over infers

Edited to add that “over-under” is the proper term to use in search.
See the pic of results below.

Just search threshold workouts and scroll through. They’re easy to pick out, and there’s a bunch of them. So many ways to hurt

You need to use the common term and it works well.

  • over-under

Palisade always goes down smooth…

I tried that on the IOS app doesn’t seem to work any tips ?

The mobile apps are not good for searching. They are working to change that, but for now, you are better off to use the website for the best search and filter tools.

I noticed Palisade and Tioga don’t come up with ‘over-under’, their description says “slightly above or slightly below”. Emerson uses both of those descriptions. Other threads have suggested improved filter abilities, and those would help to move beyond text search limitations like these. Although, you can learn a lot by scrolling through the “threshold” catalog within the duration you prefer.