Best Over-Under Workouts

Would love a list of people’s favourite Over-Under workouts on TR.

I haven’t done many, but I do love Palisade

I like the Bear Creek workouts. You have 30/45 and one hour session options.

It’s hard to pick just one because I love them all to a degree. I’ll pick Dana as my top favorite but to pick one that is still an over under but not in the normal sense I love Mary Austin. Least favorite are the rampy style ones probably because I don’t have an erg trainer.

Such blasphemy

Warlow is a fun one. I can manage the minute at 110% but two minutes at 105% is brutal

I don’t know why but I just love over-under workouts in general. I’m more comfortable holding the “over” than the “under” so 2min over/1 min under just seems to suit me

Sick, sick people!!

Ok, it’s Palisade - love and hate




This is an interesting take on the over/under principle.
A solid workout

Introducing yourself to o/u workouts I recommend any that ramp you up and down, only briefly keeping you at a peak (Carpathian Peak, Fang Mountain ). This is mentally acceptable as you can reason with yourself that suffering will only be short term, making the workout challenging but doable.

As your love for o/u workouts grow :roll_eyes:, you can graduate to ramping efforts that hold you at a peak for a minute (Avalanche Spire) before ramping you back down. These are certainly more challenging but rewarding at the end.

I’ve found that o/u rely heavily on having a true FTP. I’ve done them with my FTP set a little too high (they become threshold/overs) and it was absolutely brutal. I had to bury myself to finish and it affected the rest of my week. Going back through with a proper FTP and o/u are tough but not soul crushing.

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No need to get complicated: Over-Unders.

Genius :wink:

Well that’s crap! :thinking:

It’s just the Classic 2x20min – 2min @95% /2min @105%.
(except in this w/o it’s 3x20…)

Give 'em hell! :boom::metal:

Fang Mountain :slight_smile:

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Carpathian Peak +2.


Cant believe Kieth hasn’t been mentioned. By far the scariest over under workout in my opinion.

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indeed, Kieth is very challenging. You know when Coach Chad’s note says this…its gonna hurt

“If this one doesn’t crush you then you’re a machine…or you need to reassess your FTP.”

I use Kieth as a gauge to see if I’ve made any gains, if I don’t completely die doing it I know the gains have arrived!

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Keith looks brutal! :scream:
A slightly less brutal, but similar, one is Dragon

Ohh, that’s going in my TR library. Straight into the section marked ‘AVOID’.