Searching computer mount with small clamp

I just have around 7-8mm space between my aero bar mount (Redshift system) and my stem clamping (maybe I could squeeze in anything < 10mm).

Are there any computer mounts with a small clamp that could fit in there?

Garmin and wahoo are too big (garmin 15mm).

I know other options would be

  • different handle bars (with longer round part to move TT mount further to the left)
  • different stem with smaller clamping (?) (actual richey stem clamping ~43mm max)
  • different computer mount (e.g. attached to front of stem via longer stem screws)

attach your head unit nicely centered to your stem

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You mean like he already has in place with the o-ring head unit mount version? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I want the computer centered in front of my stem (not on the stem => too far out of vision) but the clamps of the wahoo and Garmin mounts don’t fit in that space shown in the pic.

For a “traditional” bar mount, the best I can picture are the aluminum K-Edge models. They are thin, but I have not found a spec measurement to know what it really is.


Was searching for the spec also but could not find (by view I think it’s too big still). Therefore TR forum intelligence needed :wink:

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My K-Edge Garmin mount measures 12mm.


I’m a big fan of the Formmount from F3…mounts directly to the stem bolts and not on the HB, so you don’t have to worry about clamp width. .have it on my road bike and previously used it on my gravel bike. Can be a bit tricky to get the arms even at first, but just takes some playing with it ( or they have an extra tool you can buy). I now just use an Allen wrench between the arms to hold them in place while I tighten the bolts.


I know these. Look nice. But

  • for the same money I could also change stem or handlebars
  • I’d want the bike computer to sit low in front of stem…so would install the F3 on the lower stem bolts but (with my actual stem clamping) these are pointing a bit upwards…

Have a look on

Maybe a mount that spans your aero bars?

I’m pretty sure he wants one mounted to the bike all the time, even with the aero bars removed. The RedShift ones go on/off in seconds, and not everyone uses them all the time.

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Ah, got it. Thanks. Will keep looking.

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Rotor mount is the thinnest I have on hand… 10mm by my quick measurement, I can take it off the bike and take exact measurements if that would be helpful…


Also may be worth looking into trek/bontrager BLENDR stuff if you’re thinking about a new stem/accessory mount system

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I’ve had a similar problem where the my K-Edge Garmin mount (~9.5 mm wide) was just fitting between the areobar clamp and the (wide) stem.

However, in the end I found a TT-mount on one of the extensions to be a much better option as (with my position on bike) I would still look at my knees rather than down to have a glance of the bike computer.

Removing/installing the K-Edge out front mount takes much less time than than fitting/removing the aerobars anyway so I don’t see a huge benefit in keeping a fixed position for the bike computer

Is it not an option to move the aero clamps outwards by 4mm to accommodate a 12mm K-Edge mount? Not enough ‘round bar’ on the handlebars, or you would feel the effects of those 4mm?

Not enough round bar unfortunately

Have you considered the Redshift Computer Mount? Fits the wider stem perfectly. Comes with extended bolts.

I don’t have one in front of me to check but can you simply modify an OEM mount to fit the space? File the plastic down on the clamp to fit?