A Wahoo mount for a square Shimano Tharsis stem

I recently got new handlebars and a new Shimano Tharsis stem for my mountain bike. I really like how the stem looks, it has a square cross section.

The problem is that my Wahoo mount no longer fits the stem. My LBS mounted the mount on my handlebars, but that isn’t working well. These are carbon bars and my Wahoo rotates when I push the buttons or when riding over harsh terrain.

So I am looking for a way to mount the Wahoo directly onto the stem, the same way I had mounted it before. But the Wahoo mount needs both pieces and won’t fit. Does anyone have any suggestions here?

PS I have access to a high-quality 3d printer if that helps.

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Awesome, thanks for the recommendation. :slight_smile:

Slightly cheaper version! I’ve got a couple, one for the Mtb and one for the bikepacking when an out-front gets in the way of the bags


I use a similarly shaped Zipp stem, I just put a big piece of Sugru under the original mount, pressed it down, let it dry and trimmed around the edges for a custom adapter, been there now for ages.

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