Computer mount - creative solutions needed

I have a Time Monolink stem, which has a unique way of being mounted. Instead of having bolts go through the faceplate and into the stem, the bolts are in the stem, go through the faceplate, and are secured with caps. See below:

Consequently, setting up an integrated computer mount is not obvious. I have been using the Garmin bar mount, but would prefer something more streamlined. Does anyone have any genius ideas on how to get a mount on this stem?


if they dont already make one I’m sure they will come up with a solution.

Service is real good. I emailed them last Sunday to arrange if I could pick up a Garmin mount the next day, they replied immediately and I went to his house first thing Monday to collect.

Really solid well designed products.

Wondering if instead of the capping nuts, you could have a small connecting piece that is threaded from both sides (and probably have external flat sides to be tightened for the stem). You’d screw that on instead of the buts, and then bolt the computer mount into it. Might need to get a workshop to make yo something like that.

You can get a set of standoffs then get a stem bolt mount. Depending on the length of the standoffs you may be able to use regular stem/bottle bolts. Definitely get steel

You’d have to confirm screw size, m5 is most common these days

DTGN M5x20mm(DXL) - Hex Standoff Spacer Nuts -6Pack- Good for Electronic Machine - Stainless Steel Female Coupling Screws - Silver

I bought this brand, has held up well.
Thinvik Bike Computer Mount for Garmin Edge,Gopro Combo Mount,Compatible with All Garmin Series 1030 1000 830 820 810 530 520 510 500 25 20 GPS Computer - CNC Aluminum Alloy


You could drill a hole in the front of it and put in a flanged, threaded insert to bolt on straight from the front. Kind of how Specialized / Rapides are set up.

Came here to make the same suggestion.

Please do not drill holes into stems / faceplates that are not designed to be there. You are just begging for an emergency trip to the dentist, at a minimum, as well as endangering other riders around you.


Ditto… My reaction to reading that suggestion:



A creative solution might be to get a stem plate 3D printed to take a Garmin mount. I don’t know if I’d trust 3D printed components though. I had a 3D printed TT Elbow Cup that failed but that might just be a one of failure (its only n = 1 :thinking: )

Creative? Yes. Costly and/or dangerous? Also yes.

There are options out there from titanium to structural composites, but any of them will be at least a partial crap shoot unless you go with an engineer driven designer who understands the function and requirements for these parts. Most of this stuff has to be rigorously tested for strength and durability before sale, which means I would NEVER trust a part of this importance without a LOT of design & analysis.

The standoff idea is the best of any suggested from a cost and risk standpoint and is the only thing I would try if it was my bike. That said, picking a proper standoff with enough strength is super important as well and should not be done lightly. In the end, I’d personally stick with a bar mount. :man_shrugging:


eff no, horrible suggestion.

Maybe not what you want to do but replace the stem with a model that gives you the clean option for a mount that you seek


I know there are lots of options out there…but I love my Zipp stem with quick view mount. It’s nice to be able to adjust the angle especially with a -12° or -17° stem.

I appreciate everyone’s input:

  • I thought about the standoffs previously. I wasn’t thrilled about not being able to torque them appropriately
  • Replacing the stem has occurred to me. I’d prefer not to because the stem I have already costs a pretty penny

I think the best route would be to replace the faceplate with one that has a mount integrated, like Cervelo:

Finding such a faceplate that fits the Time’s spacing has proven to be difficult…anyone have suggestions?

Thanks Y’all.

I’m struggling to work out why no one has suggested just putting a sensible stem on… maybe it’s a weird size, but if not, do that surely

If it is an alloy faceplate a hole in the middle is going to make almost no difference to the strength, though from the OP pictures it looks like its a composite so a BIG NO!

Sure looks to me like Caveman and FrankTuna both made just that suggestion just above.

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Trying to avoid buying a whole new stem.

What about slapping a quarter-turn adapter plate on top of the stem?
Or must you have an out-front mount?