Heads up computer mount suggestions?


I have a Garmin 130. I currently use the mount it came with for on top of my stem. I only use it on my road bike. I’ve never been too concerned with numbers on mtb rides, also it is distracting.

I wish to switch to a forward or heads up mount that has the computer out in front of my bars as it is better for the field of vision. Any suggestions on a good mount? I prefer not to buy some cheap thing that only lasts a year or two.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks



This will work well with what you have and compatible with your 130. I have it for my 530 and ia nice.


I love this one:
Best Tek Garmin Edge Extended…

It satisfies my need to have the computer perfectly symmetrical.


I’m a big fan of the Form Mount…infinitely adjustable, is completely symmetrical and takes up no HB space.

ETA - they are running a 30% off special right now (for the phone mount)

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I have a collection of nearly a dozen mounts from all the usual suspects. More than half of them are sitting in a drawer.

The ones that I’m currently using are all mounted to the stem faceplate. They’re simply much straighter and better positioned on centerline than the barclamp versions.


the discount is on the phone version and not the garmin/wahoo mount. FYI

Ah, that’s right…my bad. Thanks for catching that.

Makes it pretty much useless to me. I would be interested if they did 30% off the actual garmin mount but I don’t see that happening.

I just got a Form Mount would definitely recommend. The price is a bit much but I needed a stem mount after switching to an aero road bar.

Customer service was great as well. I had an issue with the stainless bolts. One was bent slightly and thread pitch was off from what I’m sure was a manufacturing issue. It wouldn’t turn past two rotations and I wasn’t about to try and force it.

Tim, one of the owners, got me out a ti bolt set the next day at no charge.

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I had bought mine before I knew them, but they regularly join our Saturday group ride…great guys.

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K-Edge combo mounts:

or K-Edge Integrated:

All metal except for the plastic “insert” that your 130 locks into, In case of a crash the insert is designed to break-away to save your 130, and the insert can be replaced. In the fall and winter I mount a light below the computer, and in spring/summer I mount an action camera.

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