Mounting A Computer On A TT Bike

I have a Wahoo Elemnt but it’s just on a stem mount and I really have to look down to see it. Ideally I like it further in front. I’ve tried putting it on my extensions but it just gets in the way of my forearms. What mounts are there that allow the computer to push further towards?

Look for K- edge TT mounts. Especially made garmin mounts for TT bars.

Really good.

Google Search Element TT mount

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I have a standard Wahoo outfront mount on extension positions my elemnt centrally between the bars. Far enough forward that I can see it. Definitely not in way of my arms or elbows.

Are you using a particularly upward set of TT bars? I did need to add some rubber inside the clamp to make the fitting tight enough as I think it is designed for 25 or 38mm bars rather than 22mm extensions.

(and yes I did put tape around it to try and make it more aero… )

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These are great mounts


I can’t multi quote on my phone

Robert - I shall take a look a K Edge, I didn’t realise they do a TT specific

Womble - That’s what’s I’ve tried and my forearms connect with the Elemnt

Phil - They are slightly angled upwards, I’ve got the 3T bars and extensions but I can’t remeber what model. See with that mount it rubs against my forearms

Willow - That’s exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks

I have two of these sitting on my table, but frustratingly they’re prizes for a TT I’m organising so I can’t nab one for myself.

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K edge spoon mount. Mounted under BTA cage.

Home made mounts for Garmin, watch (not wanting to miss the start after a warm-up!) and mini pump (lighter than co2 cartridge/valve) as I race in cold weather and would rather self-rescue and avoid hypothermia!


I use Glen Alden’s mount. Nice fellow.

HIs angled forearm cups are also spiffy.