Screen Mirror for Windows 10 laptop

Hoping someone can help answering a few questions.

I currently run LENOVO Ideapad 500 with WIN10 which has Bluetooth 4.0 installed - I been trying to connect my Kickr Core via the internal BT without a dongle - So i can see my Kickr listed under “Add BT devices” on the laptop, but it wont connect.

If i open TR i can see both my HRM & Kickr but when i click “pair” it won’t connect

So … do I need the dongle for it all to work ?

I also want to wireless mirror my Laptop screen to a LG Smart TV which is connected to my home wifi
I tried using the LG apps and mirror cast - Nothing works other than being bale to access my pics & vids on my laptop, it wont let me mirror TR or ZWIFT or anything else.

I been looking at a Chromecast dongle as well as the Microsoft Wireless Display adapter - but i’m concerned these either won’t work or not work properly and i be wasting my money.

Has anyone got experience using them for TR ? Is it Worth it ?

Or should i just go old school and mirror using an HDMI cable

thanx for your feedback

This is still the best solution in my experience. All of my TV’s have the ability to do it wireless, but it works better with a cord.

Check with support on the BT issue. It’s probably something simple.
Is the trainer firmware updated? Is the trainer connected to more than one device?