Surface Laptop Bluetooth 4.0 works with Rouvy but not TR

Looking for some quick insight.

New Cycleops Hammer H2 with latest firmware
Microsoft Surface Windows 10 Pro
Laptop has Bluetooth 4.0 (4.2) hardware based on my research (latest drivers)
Trainer Pairs and works with Rouvy
Trainer Pairs and works with iOs Trainerroad
Trainer shows as paired in device manager
Trainer does not pair with Trainerroad PC Beta
Trainerroad shows as Bluetooth Off on the device page

It seems I have a Bluetooth issue between either the laptop or TR. Is it possible I still need a dongle and the native hardware? Any thoughts? Running without a dongle is attractive and if the other platform can do it why can’t TR?

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maybe worth dropping a line to

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You are correct, you should not need to have a dongle with the latest version of the TR Desktop application. If you haven’t yet, I would try pairing to the production version of the TR app, which you can download here:

If you have the same issues on the production app, go ahead and reach out to our Support Team and we will dig a bit deeper :+1:. As the others mentioned, you can reach us at

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Solved…Had a Windows driver update that was hung up due to corporate anti-virus protection issues. All seems good now. Thanks to all.


Hi ,

I seem to have exactly the same issue, I tried to install all windows updates that I could but not sure if the corporate security policy is blocking something, I don’t suppose you know which windows driver was the problem ?