Scheduling MV around a Wednesday Race Training

My club is restarting training soon and we will do 1 H training races (RR or crit) + 1 H tempo. How should I structure my build / rr specialty MV training plan around this?

My thoughts:

Tuesday: (VO2 max - what is usually scheduled for Tuesdays
Wednesday: Training race (drop the O/U session from Thursday
Thursday: Endurance (What is usually scheduled wednesdays)

Saturday and Sunday stay as they are in the Plan.

Any better ideas? Hesitant to drop VO2 max, because there is usually only one session per week. That‘s why I am leaning towards dropping over / under.

Move the whole week back a day and take thursday/ sunday off? Your legs would be more recovered for the race.

Mon: VO2
Tues: END
Wed: race

Might give this a go…got vaccinated Last week and had to take it slow today. So pulling ahead the tuesday session to monday anyhow. :thinking: