Mid training block race

I’m currently in my 2nd week of SSB2MV and I have a race coming up next weekend. I guess I’d categorize it as a “C” race. It will however be a pretty big day on the bike for me (approx. 5 hours 5K climbing and some pretty tech descending). Any suggestions on rearranging my week 3? I was thinking of doing the weekday rides as normal and just skipping both weekend sessions (Carpathian peak +2 and Juneau-1 3.5hrs total) to let this race be my weekend TSS. Does this sound reasonable?

That’s a great question!

Since this is a C priority race for you, you don’t want it to throw off your training. So, I think you have a solid plan. That said, I would recommend maybe spinning easy on the other day you are not racing. If the race is on Sunday, maybe throw in some short sprints to keep your legs primed. If the race is on Saturday, a nice 30 minute spin could be good for the legs on Sunday to enhance your recovery. :slight_smile:

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Technically, a “C” race is just another training session (i.e. you aren’t concerned about your execution of the race nor the results). I’m in SSB MVII as well. And, personally, from your description of the event, I would take a very different approach to week 3:

  1. Pending your ATP, I would postpone the entirety of week 3 to week 4.

  2. Week 3 would look like this:
    a. Tuesday: I would do a long duration sweet spot workout, that included 3 x20 or 4x 15m (or slightly more if your fitness is such that you can handle it).
    b. Wednesday: I would take off or do a recovery ride.
    c. Thursday, I would do a long endurance ride (60-75%): 2 to 3 hours indoors; 3-4hours outdoors.
    d. Friday - I would execute a full race opener protocol.
    e. Saturday - You’d be on fire!

An additional reason for the above suggestion is that Juneau and Carpathian peak are high quality workouts. If you have the flexibility in your plan, I wouldn’t skip them.

Thanks for the replies so far.

One other thing to mention in this scheduling deal is that I have a “B” race two weeks after this coming race. That one will likely be completely steady state (150 mile FLAT gravel race). I’d really like to ride well for that one. I had already built in a sort of taper week for this event in the calendar. I’m a little worried that pushing my whole plan back another week might really throw this plan off, but I do have a couple slip weeks in the schedule before my “A” race at the end of August.