Scheduling a week off

I have a week away where I won’t be able to train as usual.
I’ve gone via support already and I pushed the week further.
I’m also thinking of pushing this Sunday training to next, but it still creates this gap.
The absolute latest I can do the the last workout is Saturday early morning, but I’d much rather pull it to Friday evening.
Should I change anything about those ‘border’ trainings - make them harder or longer so I can use the long 6 day recovery better?
I’ll try and do local ride when I’m away on a Wednesday.
Am I sweating the 6 days break too much?
Main reason is I don’t want to lose fitness/gains I’ve had over the past several weeks…
Going from that, my other concern is that I won’t be able complete the follow on trainings…

What’s your training been like for the last 4-6 months?

If you’ve not had a proper break in that period of time - and I mean like an actual one, where you don’t touch the bike for 5-7 days - then you’ll likely benefit far more from a week off the bike than you’ll lose.

You won’t lose much, if anything at all in a week. Use it as a chance to reset!

(Speaking as someone who didn’t take a proper rest week during last season and massively fizzled out in the latter half of the season)


I was kind of hoping to hear that - I don’t have any specific target dates I need to work towards, just don’t want to lose fitness in the middle of a training cycle I guess.
Speaking in training term, my fitness will decrease, but my form will increase and my fatigue will decrease so after a week’s break, should be pretty easy to hit some PRs or KOMs, right? :wink:

Stretch. Use “the stick.” Dont eat too much junk food. Walk and get some steps in. You will enjoy the freshness and strength when you get back.

this is always a good idea for a long break like one week off the bike.

if you do the group ride Wed, that means you have access to a bike…can you ride once more when gone?

if not, don’t overthink the break, the fitness won’t be lost, it’s only a few days.

safe travels,